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Your advantages with Refline ATS

Because you can finally hit the ground running with just a few clicks

Ready immediately

4 steps and off you go! Your ideal recruiting solution is ready to use straight away. And if you have any questions about setting it up, our friendly support team will be happy to provide you with comprehensive assistance.

Quite simply

No installations or downloads are necessary. An Internet connection is all you need.

Modular + customizable

The solution adapts flexibly to your needs. The scope, modules and add-ons are put together just as you need them.

Because Refline makes your recruiting more effective and easier


Without refline

Tedious manual processes

  • Complex recruitment process: Hiring new employees costs time and nerves

  • Pure chaos: Manual processes, coordination problems and duplication due to a lack of overview

  • Hardly any applications + dissatisfied applicants due to lengthy processes

  • Lack of visibility: the advert is hardly found online + publishing on job boards is tedious

  • Unnecessary costs: Starting from 0 with every recruitment costs money

  • Data protection breaches: Maintaining data protection correctly with manual processes is impossible and harbours legal risks


With refline

More time for the essentials

  • Efficient recruiting: time savings of up to 70% by reducing the recruiting effort - for faster hiring

  • More clarity: full transparency for all parties involved at all times regarding the status of recruitment

  • Better & more applications thanks to an optimised candidate experience

  • Maximum reach thanks to integrated multiposting to the company website and >200 job boards

  • Cost savings thanks to automatic recommendation of suitable applications from the talent pool

  • DSG + GDPR compliant: effortlessly data protection-compliant recruitment processes

Because Refline makes your recruiting noticeably easier

Time savings of up to 70%

Recruiting employees the traditional way is time-consuming and inefficient. Manual processes mean you have to invest huge amounts of valuable time in administrative and repetitive tasks.

Refline optimises & simplifies recruitment processes and creates clarity.

  • Gain more time for the essentials thanks to a reduction in administrative work in recruitment of around 70%.

  • Clarity at all times: you and everyone involved have full transparency about the recruitment processes and everything in one place.

More efficiency in the recruiting process

Creating really appealing ads and posting them on the company website can be tedious. Placing job ads manually on every job board and other platforms costs time and nerves.

There's a better way: thanks to modern, mobile-optimized ad templates, you can now create suitable job ads in a flash and publish them effortlessly on your website and more than 200 job boards.

  • Attract suitable talent easily with effective advertisements and gain top employees at the touch of a button.

  • Make your company stand out from the competition with an appealing employer presence, modern job ads and a careers page in your individual corporate design.

  • Get maximum reach on different channels and reach the right target group.

More suitable applications

Is the shortage of skilled labour causing a lull in some vacancies, while you are flooded with unsuitable applications for others?

This is now a thing of the past: thanks to the most convenient online application process of all time, suitable applicants can apply for jobs at your company with just a few clicks - efficiency and expertise at the touch of a button.

  • Receive more and better applications thanks to customisable top application form.

  • Maximum overview thanks to optimised comparison of applicant profiles.

Optimal candidate experience thanks to transparent communication

Answering each application individually and keeping track of everything can take time. The result: particularly good applicants drop out and decide to go elsewhere. Put an end to this!

  • Faster responses: send appreciative and personalized messages to applicants with just a few clicks.

  • You can schedule rejection emails as you wish so that they are not sent until 1 day later, for example.

Cost savings thanks to own talent pool

Our system makes it very easy to stay in contact with interesting talent and automatically receive suitable suggestions for future vacancies.

  • Recruit your future employees more cost-effectively: Cost and time savings thanks to automatic recommendations from the talent pool.

  • Your talent pool is 100% data protection compliant.

Data protection - but secure!

The handling of applicants and personal data is at the heart of recruitment. This also includes data protection. You can rest assured that the application data is securely and adequately protected, thus avoiding legal risks.

  • Refline ensures that your recruitment processes are 100% data protection compliant in no time at all. For more security, quality and the good feeling of NOT having to worry about data protection.

  • Our solution is EU GDPR and CH-DSG compliant. From the automatic solution to the request for information - all data protection requirements are functionally implemented in the tool.

Less coordination effort between HR + managers

Coordinating applications between HR and managers is challenging - communication channels are long, the status of applications is unclear and line managers have to be constantly informed about pending issues. This is now a thing of the past!

  • Simple and efficient collaboration between recruiters and the managers and team members involved.

  • Line managers can easily be involved in the decision-making process.

  • Transparent collaboration that speeds up the application process.

Simple and intuitive operation

Is application management cumbersome, difficult to learn and complex? Not with Refline!

Refline is user-friendly, easy to learn and extremely stable.

  • No prior knowledge is required, nor is any training for managers or HR necessary

Support you can rely on 100%

If you get stuck, our help centre or our qualified support team will be happy to help you. We are always there for you!

  • Our qualified specialists will be happy to advise you at any time.

  • Free and personalized support: Your questions will be answered personally by our expert support team at no hidden cost.

100% Swissness and highest quality

Thanks to over 20 years of experience, we know exactly what is important. We take safety seriously and place the highest value on excellent quality and high safety standards.

  • 100% Swiss hosting: all data is stored in a highly secure Swiss data centre.
  • High quality: Everything we do, we do with 100% Swiss quality standards.
  • Best availability and continuity: The Refline solution is extremely performant and stable, with over 99.5% availability- since more than 20 years.

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Indispensable tool for our HR team

"As a long-time user of Refline, I cannot emphasize enough how satisfied I am with the recruiting software. The user-friendliness of the application is outstanding and has significantly improved our workflows. What is particularly impressive is how Refline takes our individual wishes and needs into account, making applicant management unique. Thanks to the simplified processes and seamless integration of various job portals, we have been able to save an incredible amount of time. Refline has proven to be an indispensable tool for our HR team at CALIDA."

Emanuel Zihlmann
Talent Attraction & Recruiting Expert CALIDA

Effortless HR Management & Seamless Collaboration

"Refline makes our everyday HR work much easier. Advertisements are easy to create and quickly published on different platforms. I particularly like the intuitive handling and the uncomplicated and professional cooperation with the Refline consultants. Our line managers really appreciate the integrated rating and interaction options."

Raphael Schildknecht
Head of Human Resources TRISA

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