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More and better applications thanks to flexible online application

For certain positions, you are inundated with unsuitable applications. For specific vacancies, on the other hand, you hardly receive any applications and have great difficulty filling the position. But that's not all: a poor application process can put off talented applicants. In times of skills shortages, you therefore need one thing above all else: an efficient recruiting strategy to attract suitable applications and win them over.

This is exactly where Refline's applicant tracking system (ATS) comes into play! Refline makes it child's play to create a convincing application process. For more and more suitable applications!

Convincing application process

Flexible application forms for more applications

"One size fits all" processes for all positions - that doesn't work!

Are you receiving hardly any applications for specialised profiles and finding it difficult to fill the vacancy at all? Make it as easy as possible for applicants and offer an optimal candidate experience.

  • Receive more applications thanks to flexible application forms without a daunting login.

  • Simplify the application process for difficult-to-fill positions: Only ask for the most essential information and allow interested persons to submit additional documents, such as references, later.

  • Achieve a higher recognition value with customisable application forms: The layout of your application form fits perfectly with your corporate identity.

Flexible application forms for more suitable applications

You probably know the problem: For certain jobs, e.g. in administration, reception or part-time positions, you are literally flooded with a large number of applications, most of which are unsuitable. Is it taking you time and effort to filter out the most suitable applications? That's over now! Adjust the hurdle for the application at the touch of a button - customisable depending on the position.

  • Optimise your overview: Would you like to see at a glance what notice period, salary expectations or language skills a person has? You can activate these fields and many other details directly in the application form.

  • Quick and easy pre-selection thanks to convenient querying of relevant additional information and documents: for jobs with a large number of applications, you can identify the most suitable candidates in no time at all by expanding the application form with additional mandatory fields and documents.

  • Reach your target group precisely: Do you advertise jobs in different language regions or even worldwide? No problem, the Refline application forms are multilingual.

Receive suitable applications promptly thanks to One Click Application

A pleasant application process leaves a positive impression on applicants. So make it as easy as possible for interested people to apply to you with the one-click application: Applicants can upload their CV and the application form is automatically filled out as if by magic thanks to the CV parser.

  • Applying is quick and effortless, for an optimal candidate experience: The data is automatically read from the CV and filled in the appropriate fields. There is no need to enter the data manually!

  • Get a lightning-fast overview of the profile! You decide what information you want to see - be it the applicant's education, professional experience or language skills.

  • Speed up the recruitment process and reduce recruitment costs by better comparing profiles and identifying suitable talent faster - automatically generated structured data makes it possible!

Suitable application process for learners and Generations Z & Alpha

In order to attract the young target group to your company, you need a different recruiting process than for the older generations. Refline offers you exactly the right functions to get young people excited about your job.

  • Convince the younger generation of your vacancy by simply adapting the ad and communication to the young target group.

  • Ask for the aptitude test/multicheck or - if desired - the legal representative. Or ask for an application video with which the person can introduce themselves.

  • Share the post on social media and the channels where your target group hangs out.

Data protection-compliant online application

Data protection is a key issue in the application process. A breach of data protection guidelines can not only have legal consequences, but can also affect the trust of applicants.

  • The transmission of application documents is encrypted and guarantees data protection compliance.

  • Compliance with information obligations made easy: Applicants must always accept the privacy policy and are informed transparently about the use of their data.

  • Application documents are additionally checked for viruses using a virus scanner and compiled into a PDF application dossier.

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Highlights of the online application

Say goodbye to inefficient application processes and secure more and better applications. Impress not only with a structured application process, but also with flexible application forms and simple one-click applications for an optimal candidate experience.

  • Receive more suitable applications and increase applicant satisfaction with customisable application forms

  • Easily compare application profiles thanks to structured data

  • Optimised application experience ("Candidate Experience"): Minimal effort for applicants thanks to one-click application and without a thick application folder

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