Effective application management

Efficient application management for maximum recruiting success!

Competition for the best specialists is fierce. Qualified talent is highly sought after and usually not on the market for long. If you want to attract suitable specialists, you have to be quick. This makes it all the more important for companies to offer a fast, easy-to-understand and smooth recruitment process from application to hiring.

But the reality is different: you lose a lot of time on paperwork, administration and coordination. Time that you don't actually have. From now on, there's an end to nerve-wracking and time-consuming tasks - thanks to the Refline applicant management solution!

Targeted optimizations take the recruiting process to a new level and offer a time-saving and clear applicant management solution. Increase efficiency in recruiting and secure the top position in the competition for first-class talent that will help your company to advance!

Win the competition for first-class talent

Inspire talents with fast and personalized feedback

Finding new employees takes time and nerves. It is time-consuming to answer each application individually and to keep track of everything. You lose huge amounts of time on manual tasks. Time that you don't actually have. But that's over now!

  • Positive first impression: Immediate feedback to applicants through automatic, personalized confirmation of receipt.

  • Time-saving: No more mail chaos, but faster response times - communication to applicants directly via Refline, from the first contact to the offer!

  • Optimal candidate experience - easily improve your relationship with applicants: with just a few clicks, you can send personalized messages to several applicants at the same time thanks to smart email templates.

  • Maximum overview: Thanks to the central mailbox function, you can now always see all new emails neatly organised at a glance and know immediately which ones you need to answer quickly (and where you can take your time).

Efficient handling of applications - for faster recruitment!

Managing applications manually and tracking them individually not only takes a long time, it also leads to errors. This can't happen to you with Refline: Thanks to the intuitive software, application management is child's play.

  • More clarity: Automatic assignment of the application to the right position.

  • Put an end to repetitive tasks: You save a massive amount of time thanks to intelligent functions that completely automate repetitive tasks.

  • Flexible recruitment processes for greater efficiency: whether HR first pre-selects applications or all applications are just released to line managers - design your recruitment processes to suit your organization.

Simple + time-saving appointment coordination

Making an appointment for a job interview can become an odyssey: Pick up the phone - busy. An e-mail sent - no reply. Planned appointment - postponed. Unclear communication and time-consuming appointments can lead to delays. But it doesn't have to be like this! In Refline, making an appointment is very simple.

  • Saves time thanks to simple dispatch of the interview invitation via a tool - even if an appointment is postponed, you are informed via an appointment update.

  • Perfect overview thanks to calendar view with your upcoming appointments

  • Automated scheduling: Save time with intelligent calendar integration.

Perfect overview and well-founded decisions

Selecting the most suitable candidates can be a challenge. Which dossier is in which status? Which application do the line managers like best? Without clear criteria and assessment methods, there is a high risk of making the wrong decisions.

  • Optimum presentation of the recruiting progress and the status of the application.

  • Well-founded decisions: Structured evaluation criteria allow an objective assessment by the people involved.

  • Better comparison: The clear rating and the automatic rating score (average of all ratings of an application) allow a perfect comparison of applications.

Cost savings thanks to own talent pool

An application is often only reviewed for the exact position for which it was received. However, the person may have skills or experience that are relevant for a future position in the company. This is exactly where the talent pool comes into play! Our system makes it easy to stay in touch with interesting talent.

  • Suitable suggestions at the touch of a button: automatically receive recommendations for suitable candidates from the talent pool for future vacancies.

  • Cost savings: Instead of starting from scratch with every new job ad, you can access your talent pool and approach potential candidates who have already shown interest in the company.

  • Fill vacancies faster: Thanks to the talent pool, a candidate pipeline can be built up before an official job ad is even published.

Competitive advantage thanks to active sourcing

"Post & Pray" is not enough: highly qualified specialists are not actively looking for new career opportunities, but are waiting to be found. By proactively approaching these talents, companies secure a clear competitive advantage in the search for talent.

  • Active sourcing made easy: suitable talent can be found and contacted without media disruption thanks to a direct interface to the active sourcing tool xeebo.

  • Faster filling of key positions: by directly and proactively approaching qualified applicants, recruitment processes can be accelerated and vacant positions can be filled more efficiently.

  • Long-term relationships: the Refline system makes it easy to build lasting relationships with interested talent.

Other time-saving functions

  • Simple integration of paper applications

  • Flexible setting of which documents and information are required for each job

  • Subsequently received documents can be automatically integrated into every application

  • Logging of all procedures in the recruitment process

  • Clear reports: application source, time to hire and other exciting data are prepared in reports

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Add-ons for specific requirements

Bookable with all packages

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Job registration requirement (AVAM)

The AVAM module recognises whether a job is subject to registration and such a job can be automatically transferred to the RAV and the protected job room, including import of the blocking period. The applications go directly into Refline

Add on

CV Parser/ One Click Application

The CV Parser reads data from the CV and automatically fills it into the application form. Applicants simply upload their CV and the application form fills in automatically as if by magic - for an application in a matter of seconds and a perfect candidate experience

Add on

More modules coming soon!

We are constantly improve our system further.

Application management highlights

In a highly competitive market for the best talent, efficient application processes are crucial for your recruiting success. The Refline ATS helps you achieve this:

  • More time for the essentials thanks to a 70% reduction in administrative effort

  • More clarity thanks to clear and flexible recruitment processes

  • Cost and time savings thanks to automatic recommendations from the talent pool

  • Perfect overview of recruiting progress and well-founded decisions

  • Positive candidate experience thanks to fast and personal feedback to applicants

  • 100% digital and data protection-compliant: all informations in one place and accessible from anywhere

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